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No Minimums

Order as many, or as little as you need. We won't hold you hostage with minimum order amounts. Sometimes you only want to stock up on popular prints but can't afford to wait for your minimum order requirement.

Benefit: You can order only the print and amount you need - whenever you want!

Online Sales

It's not fair to lose a sale by referring a client to the company website. We devised a system that rewards you for sales made directly on our website. No more lost revenue!

Benefit: Earn credits for every sale you generate through the Adora Style website.

Bonus Credit

When you place an order, we will award you 5-15% "credit-back" for your next order. If you host alot of parties, this means your host credits are basically paid by us. If you mostly do shows and fairs, then it's simply more money in your pocket.

Benefit: More leggings for your dollar.

No Quotas

We do not have minimum sales requirements. Should you have a slower month or decide to take a little break, we do not penalize you with increased prices. We understand that sometimes life can get in the way and cause distractions.

Benefit: We do not stop working with you because your sales are down.

Additional reasons why Adora Style rocks!

Affordable Starter Pack

We offer a heavily discounted first-order package that will help you get a taste of the business and start earning income ASAP.

Team Support

We will supply you with tips and points to ensure you're ready for any event. Our community is extremely friendly and supportive.

On-demand Graphic Design

Branding and appearance plays a big part in any business. Our talented design team will work with you and help create anything you need.

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